Opportunistic Marketing is composed of two main parts:


1) From Nothing to Something:  How to Build Your Brand from Scratch

2) Grab the Right Opportunities: How to Position Your Brand to the Right Market


This e-book will teach you how to start marketing from scratch. You may already have a product or service you want to sell, but you haven’t started to market it because you don’t know how or where to start.


You may also want to start your own business but don’t know what product or service to sell, this book is also for you.


The concepts in this book will teach you how to expose yourself properly so the right opportunities will come your way. You will also learn how to seize opportunities as they come!


I wanted this to be a quick-read, so reading this e-book will only take you a

few hours to finish! More action, less procrastination!


Let’s dive in, shall we?

Opportunistic Marketing