Why Do You Need a Website?

You might have the most engaging Facebook page or the best Instagram profile, but after that, what’s next?

In business, engagement is not enough. Your engagement has to convert into sales. This is where a website will come in handy. A website is no longer just a page to put your company profile and contact details. Your website is now your official business address.

Gone are the days when you need a physical office address to be a legitimate business. Today, all you need is a beautiful and functional website, then you’re good to go. All online (and even offline) initiatives must lead to your website where your market can learn more about you and see what you have to give to the table.

What should your website contain? Put yourself in the shoes of your audience. Coming from your social media engagement where they found your content interesting, you ask them to click the link to your website, where there is more of that content. That’s why blog articles in company websites are now becoming a norm. Aside from the usual company profile, services, products, and probably e-commerce, a blog section is now a must.

Why blog? Because coming from social media, your audience wouldn’t want to see a sales page right away, most of the time. They want more of that quote they liked or that video they shared. And when they see that in your website, the more time they will browse, and the higher the probability of purchase. This is how you convert social media engagement to actual sales.

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