What’s the Best Way to Communicate My Message?

Marketing has evolved over the years, and today, the best reference for any marketing program is data– data of consumer insight. Deeper consumer insights lead to a more targeted and more effective marketing mix.

Though consumer insights should give you the most preferred communication channels of your target market, I’d like to share some easy ways to initially talk to your customers, depending on what you want to say to them: 

  • Communicating functional or emotional benefits. A moving video is the key. Videos that trigger emotions have more chances of word of mouth. Also, for functional purposes, it’s easier to understand a How-to video, rather than a long written list.

  • Delivering brand and product information. In today’s digital era, I would still recommend videos for this one. Second best would be an infographic poster. Infographics are visually pleasing, it can get your attention even though it’s supposed to give you information.

  • Driving purchases and trials. There are now two ways to do this– online and offline. If online, give free content– downloads, webinars. Easy payment transactions and money-back guarantees also help. Security and trust has to be established because the customer is not actually holding the product. Testimonials and positive reviews are very important when it comes to online buying.

If offline (physical retail outlet), shelf placement, packaging, sampling and in-store media can influence shoppers’ decisions. And the best part is, the shoppers are already in their buying mode. Convincing them right there is the key.

  • Connecting on-the-go. OOH (Out-of-Home) ads can still be effective. These are the billboards all around. Though with the challenge of standing out,  it is advisable to be in less cluttered channels. Connecting on-the-go can now mean SMS marketing, e-mail marketing, and of course, social media presence.

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