What Really Matters in Social Media (When You're in Business)

Every brand that does a campaign on social media has an objective. It can be awareness, engagement, and a lot more. But in my experience, 100% of my clients want... you guessed it right. Sales.

Though social media isn't initially made to generate sales, I'd like to believe that 99%, if not all, businesses on social media want their efforts to drive sales. And of course, they can't be blamed. Without sales, there'd be no business to run.

Social media sites like Facebook and Instagram aren't made for selling. It's made for engagement. And that's what I always tell my clients straight up. When we start your page, we won't have customers right away. We'll start with engagement. We'll get social-- talk and listen to the followers. That's what social media is for. This is the reason why I'm so keen with numbers when I'm managing a page-- number of likes, comments, shares, reactions, etc. This is how I measure my success.

But recently, I was tasked to manage a Facebook page for a B2B services company. So I applied all that I know in gathering engagement. Sadly, I'm not too successful on that part. After 3 weeks of running the page, despite some ads, I'm only getting an average of 3-10 engagements. Sad, right?

But then I noticed that the page inbox was phenomenal. We were getting 10-15 inquiries in our inbox everyday. Not too much for some, but for a start up, this is not bad at all! Then I realized, this page might not look engaging, but the audience would rather send a PM asking about our services rather than react with a heart or a wow emoji. So, is this better? Is this a better way of measuring our page's success? I say yes!

This experience totally gave me a new perspective in social media marketing. Yes, your likes, comments and shares are still important. You must still monitor that and target it to grow. But honestly, I'd rather have 500 page likes and 10 engagements, yet have a lot of paying customers than having 10,000 reactions and not converting them to sales. And every SME owner I've worked with would agree with me.

How about you? How important are your likes, comments and shares? Is your engagement rate proportional with your sales? Let's talk!

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