Personal branding is knowing the image you want to portray, the message you want to deliver, and communicating it in the best way possible. - Kristine M. Taton

It may sound simple, but it really is challenging to execute. A personal brand is not something you communicate today, and then change next week. `


We respond more to people whom we can relate to, or are related to us like our friends, family, or people we admire. A positive encounter with a person is key for us to be able to relate ourselves with someone. But what if you’re a “nobody”? You’re technically unknown. You’re not friends with a lot of people? How can you get a message across?

That’s where Personal Branding comes in.

Establishing a personality that people can resonate with is the key to spread a message across.

And when your audience can relate to your personality, and feel a positive impression with you, they will listen to you, and that’s when you are able to deliver a message successfully. Or better yet, that’s when you start to have influence.

What about you? What will people experience with your brand?

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