What is a Good Product to Sell?

“What is a good business to start?” “What is the trendy product to sell nowadays?”

“Are there any lucky businesses for the year?”

These are common questions that aspiring entrepreneurs ask. I learned from business speakers that these are wrong questions to ask when you’re thinking of a product you’d like to sell. I agree.

Years ago, while I was still employed, I started an online shop selling women’s clothing. I didn’t even know what I was thinking back then, I just felt like I wanted to start a business on the side. So, I went to Quiapo with my mom and bought at least P2,000 worth of clothing. I created a Facebook page (did not know Facebook advertising yet at that time), and just posted the photos of the clothes. Fortunately, my friends and relatives supported me and bought some of my items.

However, I knew I wasn’t passionate about clothes. Yes, the clothes were sellable and trendy, but a few months into the business, I started getting bored. I got tired of maintaining the Facebook page and just wore the clothes I bought and gave some away. I eventually closed the business.

This idea is not new and it absolutely didn’t come from me, but I can testify that the only way to start a sustainable business is to love your product. It has to be your passion. It has to get you on fire when you think about it or talk about it. It will never bore you. In fact, you’re so in love with it that you’re even willing to give it for free, just so you can share this beautiful thing to the world.

For you, what is that product?

Is it fashion? Is it books? Is it food? Is it craft items? Is it fitness? Is it art?

Whatever you’re passionate about, where your heart is, there your business lies!

I learned my lesson. I’m sticking to what I am passionate about. It’s marketing! I love teaching it, learning it, writing it, and sharing it. So, this should be my business! What's yours?

This article is an excerpt from "Opportunistic Marketing- The New Way of Launching a Brand and Making People Talk About You" e-book. You can download it at the homepage.

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