The Formula for E-commerce Success

By Kristine Anne M. Taton

Despite the very rough year, I am sure all businesses that are staying afloat would still want to maximize the Christmas season. After all, it is the ultimate shopping time of the year, and the last chance to redeem any lost sales in the past months.

Since we’re not expecting the malls and tiangges to be crowded, the only opportunity lies in e-commerce. But it won’t be easy. Thousands of other small businesses (and even the large ones) will be aggressive in their advertising and promos. So if you’re a small business owner reading this and would want to get a share of the Christmas shopping pie, here are things to prepare:

1. Choose the right e-commerce platform.

Every online shop has different needs. Make sure to study the features of the various platform options before paying for subscription.

a. Is it easy to use? Are the templates modern and attractive?

b. Does it have inventory monitoring?

c. Marketing integrations to email, Facebook or Google?

d. Are the payment options convenient for your customers?

e. How about shipping integrations?

Before investing on your e-commerce site, make sure that the investment is well worth it and the site experience is so good that your customers can’t help but add to cart.

2. Optimize your product page.

Do not take your product pages for granted. This is what your customers see before they click Add to Cart. Some tips for your product page:

a. Put clear, detailed photos and videos. These will be the only reference of your customers so make it easier for them to be convinced.

b. Make it concise. Having a text heavy product page will bore and overwhelm your customers. For any details like size options, colors, reviews and FAQs, use drop down menus to make viewing these optional. This will avoid making your product page cluttered, yet having complete details available as well.

3. Show reviews or testimonials.

This is one of the most important elements! Ensure your potential customers will get their money’s worth, and showing past happy customers is the only way to get their trust.

4. Have a variety of payment and shipping options.

There should be no reason for a customer to not proceed to checkout. So extend that extra mile of making a lot of payment options available—Gcash, Paymaya, Online banking, credit card, Paypal, or even cash on delivery. Make free shipping or nationwide shipping available if you can.

5. Simplify checkout.

Make the Add to Cart and Checkout buttons very visible—bold color, big button. Don’t ask for too many unnecessary details. Also, the website must have capability to save information of past customers so they don’t have to retype their delivery details all over again.

6. Advertise.

Last but not definitely the least, is to invest in your best advertising. If you must hire professionals for product photography, social media advertising, or Google search ads, now is the time to do so. There are a lot of practitioners who will work for you at an affordable price. You have make the effort to stand out amidst the sea of ads that will flood your customers’ feeds.

Remember, it’s shopping season and the last chance to boost sales for the year. Give it your all and prepare for a better and prosperous 2021!

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