Standing Out in the Digital Noise!

By Kristine Anne Taton

The pandemic has given birth to a new normal, where physical distancing is required and working from home is not just for freelancers anymore. This has pushed many businesses to go active online. Today, we’re bombarded with Facebook Live sessions, videos, ads, photos—all trying to get our attention. Since almost all, if not all of us, are now required to operate online, how can we stand out to our target audience?

Here are four tips to streamline your online content and make sure it reaches the right audience at the right time:

Have strategic Online Presence.

If it’s the first time your company is dipping its toes into digital marketing, it’s not advisable to have three or more accounts to manage at once. Choose two platforms at the most that you think your presence will be relevant and maximized.

Prioritize to help, Rather than Sell.

Online ads are everywhere. So if you’re also going to put out another ad, it will be more difficult to be noticed. Why not engage with your audience first? Why not help them address their problems first? Find the gap and fill it with your content. Yes, you can still publish ads of course, but prioritize making a connection rather than pushing for immediate sales. The noise is just getting louder and louder, and brands that care and connect will be noticed more.

Targeting is Key.

If you’re going to try and grab the attention of people, better to make sure that they want their attention grabbed. You have to target an audience as specific as possible, and those who will really be interested in what you have to offer. This ensures that your content is seen by the people that you want to target, and not get drowned by clutter in another person’s newsfeed. It’s always better to target 100 people ready to buy, than 1000 random, undecided people.

Get updated on Algorithms.

Regardless on what platform/s you choose to focus on, you need to have a grasp on how things work in your chosen platform. Are hashtags important in your medium? Will the likes be more important than comments or shares? What factors will increase your visibility to your audience? What is this medium for—pictures or videos? This might be quite technical for some, but knowing these and even being updated on algorithm trends is important to get ahead of the competition. Remember, you’re not only competing with your direct competitors, but you’re competing with all the rest of content available online.

In today’s generation of consumers and our new normal, it will now be doubly hard to get a reaction or a click. Strategizing and coming in where your competitors are absent will be vital to standout in a very cluttered digital environment.

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