Optimizing Your Digital Marketing Budget

By Kristine Anne M. Taton

Given the quarantine, I’m sure a major percentage of your budget right now is allotted for digital—digital productivity, tools, digital selling and acquisition, and of course digital marketing.

Here are five steps that you can follow and monitor to make sure your budget for digital marketing is optimized:

1. Determine first what falls under digital marketing.

The most common ones are social media, search engine optimization, Google ads, email marketing, digital display ads, and all content creation required for these. Website and e-commerce maintenance can be allotted under I.T. budget instead of digital marketing. These items depend on how your company and departments operate.

2. Make sure you and your audience are on the same channels.

Having a target persona will help you determine where your audience spends their time online. The more active they are on a channel; the more budget you should allocate for that channel.

3. Test multiple channels, multiple strategies.

Although there are best practices, digital marketing is not always one size fits all. The advantage of digital is that it is easier to experiment on channels, content, media, and targeting among others. If something is not working, then you can always re-strategize and re-allocate resources until objectives are reached.

4. ReMarket

Remarketing is available for all major digital advertising channels like Facebook, Google, and Instagram. This means targeting your ads to people who have expressed interest in your brand—page engagers, website visitors, those with abandoned carts, etc. For sales oriented campaigns, these audiences are smarter to target especially if you have less budget, since it can be assumed that you have already caught their interest, thus needing less convincing.

5. Ensure sales and marketing are aligned.

It is always essential to have sales and marketing departments see eye to eye. Oftentimes, valuable insights are exchanged between these departments like improved customer profiling, lead generation, product offerings, conversion challenges, etc. With collaborative effort, it will be easier to achieve desired results.

The digital space is very dynamic and algorithms are often changing, but it is always better to plan ahead and then be flexible as needed while you focus on your goals.

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