New King of Content: VIDEO

By Kristine Anne M. Taton

Now that online marketing is on top, brands are creating content more than ever!

Digital posters, blogs, stories, and videos are a must to talk to your audience, and producing all these can result to creative burnout. However, there is a way to make it a bit easier for brands. How? Produce more videos.

Out of all digital content available for publishing, video is probably the hardest to produce. But, it is definitely worth it. Video is the easiest to repurpose. You can have video, audio, and even text when you transcribe it.

That is why in content production, video is king.

Not “techie”? Don’t know how to edit videos? No problem. Facebook Live is a few clicks away. Hold a little (or big) webinar via Zoom and record it. Do it weekly, and voila, you have your videos!

Here are things you can do to repurpose your video content:

1. Turn it into a podcast.

Extract the audio (Zoom recording already does this for you) and upload it to your podcast platform. Or you can cut the recording into 1-2 minute long snippets and share it on social media. If you video is at least 30 minutes long, that is already around 30 audio snippets waiting to be shared.

2. Transcribe it into a blog.

Now this takes more effort than the first, but remember that the transcript can still be repurposed further. It can be edited and be turned into a blog, multiple blogs if it is long. Phrases or statements can be turned into social media posters or status posts.

3. Edit it into a vlog.

Since it is already a video, probably just do minor edits like cutting and adding captions, and you can already upload it in YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and IGTV. If the video is more than 10 minutes, this can still be cut into shorter videos to make it social media-friendly, very much like what you can do with the audio recording.

4. Monetize it.

All of the suggestions above can actually be monetized. But I thought this needed a separate mention for emphasis. Your video can be sold as a webinar or online course. All you need is a good e-commerce platform for digital products, and you’re good to go.

Getting stuck on content happens to all marketers, especially if you’ve been producing for a long time. So repurposing our videos, whether casual or full production, will make our lives a bit easier.

Time to overcome camera- shyness and hit that record button now!

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