Marketing for the New World

by: Kristine Anne M. Taton

If there’s one thing that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to each and every person, no matter what the social status is—it’s CHANGE. Everyone has to adapt, adjust, embrace the change. And that includes our marketing strategies. It is evident that brands are facing unexpected changes, and we need to adapt fast.

As the world is changing, our customers are also changing. Their priorities are different, their concerns are different, and they have new purchasing patterns. One of the main challenges of marketers and business owners today, is there is no historical data to rely on. Our customers were totally different last year; thus it will be a struggle to collect accurate data to forecast marketing plans.

So, what do we do?

1. Adjust to the new consumer spending.

Observe ourselves, our family, our friends’ new buying behavior. What’s on our shopping list? Where do we buy it? How often do we buy it? How much are we willing to spend? Once we see a trend, let’s think of how our brands can benefit from this.

2. Adjust your budget.

Now that people are mostly at home, it’s a must for brands to rethink their marketing budgets. Are you still investing on the right channels? The top channels and media last year might no longer be what it is now (i.e mall activations and events). Zoom and TikTok are now among the most downloaded apps, and they weren’t really big last year. How can your brand ride on this trend?

3. Adjust your strategy. Health has become our customers’ top priority. Travels are now cancelled, so travel funds might have been allocated somewhere else. Suddenly, everyone is exercising, taking vitamins, and being diet conscious to improve their immune systems. New hobbies like gardening, baking, and taking online courses have impacted certain industries. These new, inevitable trends should be taken as opportunities rather than threats.

Whether all these changes will be temporary or permanent, brands need to look deeper and understand the new customers better. The faster we evolve; the sooner we can regain our relevance.


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