Know Your Worth!

It's almost March, last month of the first quarter! That was fast.

How are you doing?

January was difficult for almost everybody, with all the global headlines that hit us.

January was difficult for me too. January and February were my lead generating months. I was talking to clients left and right, negotiating here and there. But now as we end February, I'm very happy to say that our efforts bore fruit!

As I was talking to different people the past months, some signed deals without negotiating price, some negotiated our rates fairly, and some just didn't sign deals because they think we were too expensive. CAN YOU RELATE TO THAT LAST STATEMENT?

Our team does marketing consultancy-- services, training, etc. I know the industry rates, local and international. And I can honestly say that we're still one of the most affordable agencies you can find! I swear!

It's just sad that some people will not see the value you can bring on the table. And if they're not convinced of this value, they will not be willing to pay your price.

BUT if you're backed with years of experience, formal education, and a portfolio of quality results, please DO NOT CHARGE PEANUTS (Got this term from an FB group and loved it!).

There will be people who will see your value and pay you right, or even more!

Yes, price according to what your target market (and your profitability report) finds acceptable. BUT do not charge so low that you're not giving justice to yourself and to the industry you are in.


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