How to Review Your Marketing Efforts Quickly & Effectively.

Marketing involves a lot of quantitative analysis like measuring awareness, conversion, engagement, and so on. Businesses can get lost and might tend to overthink some of these metrics, so here are three things that you can look at to see if your marketing is going the right direction:

1. Initiate

All types of marketing should start and end with the customer in mind.

Are the efforts still aligned with the audience analysis on hand? Is the communication still relevant? Is it still addressing customers’ needs? If it seems that some marketing programs are no longer aligned to the original objectives and audience analysis, then it might be time to do some realignment, reprioritization and review of goals.

2. Iterate

After executing a campaign, you should be able to gather initial insights from your audience, both internal and external.

This is easier reviewed if the campaign is digital since social media platforms and website hosts can easily give analytics.

Is the campaign getting engagement or no one’s noticing it? Is the online ad getting clicks? Is it converting into sales? Are there more positive or negative comments? Zero comments or likes on a post is also customer feedback. These quick and simple data will give you an overview on what to improve in your programs. Remember to also consult internal clients, meaning your team working in the company.

What do they think of the programs? Is it aligned to the company’s overall goal?

3. Integrate

Lastly, check if your marketing programs are aligned and consistent with the other initiatives in your business.

Is the communication message or promo consistent with what the sales team is saying? Is customer service aware of new product launches? If you use both digital and traditional marketing, are the two aligned and consistent in messaging? The entire organization should be on board on any marketing campaign being done.

These three Is can be a quick methodological system to review any current, past or upcoming marketing campaigns. If it’s a YES for each I, then you’re in a good direction for sure.

Reference: “Introduction to Digital Marketing- Transcript” Digital Marketing Institute, 2019, pp.8-10

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