Get Emotional: How to Make Your Brand “Addicting”

I’ve heard this again and again from marketing experts: “People don’t buy your product. They buy the benefit of your product.” When we buy shampoo, we don’t want the physical shampoo and its bottle. We want the smooth & fragrant hair that it promises. When we buy a gadget, we don’t really want just the gadget. We buy its features– the features that will make our lives easier as we use it.

There are marketers and entrepreneurs who might be too busy advertising their features (i.e lightweight, fastest, most affordable, etc.). This is very important, and can encourage first time buyers. However, communicating the emotional benefits of a product is more convincing and more sustainable in the long run. Promising emotional benefits (and delivering that promise) can make your brand “addicting”.

It’ easier to explain this thru this simple table I got from the book, The Experience Effect by Jim Joseph. See the difference of rational benefit (or the feature) and emotional benefit:

To also put this simply, ask yourself: “What is the feature of my product?” List it down. Then, beside the feature, write “What will the customer experience thru this benefit?”.

The emotional benefit can be the core of your communication campaign. Successfully communicating the emotional benefits of a product (and delivering it), can result to loyal customers– loyal customers who will buy you no matter what.

Emotional benefits can also cause “hoarding”– buying products you don’t really need, but you want to own them because of a specific benefit that it promises. (ehem, women!)

So, always ask yourself– does my brand serve any emotional benefit?

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