Future-Proof Your Business!

By: Kristine Anne M. Taton

Some business analysts are saying that it would take a long time for things to go back to “normal”. Or actually, we might already have a new normal. More companies to allow work- from- home, people always with alcohol in their pockets (and using it), and online shopping to grow demand even more— these are some of the things we’re expecting to be normal after the quarantine.

As entrepreneurs, are we ready for the change?

It’s been years since businesses adapted content and online marketing plus selling. But sadly, a lot of SMEs were still badly hit by the quarantine. This is very understandable especially if you’re in the service and hospitality industry; and though no one could ever have prepared for this virus, having an established online presence would have helped your business a lot.

How? Your e-commerce website could have helped you get orders. Your YouTube channel could have still earned from ads and sponsors. Your Facebook page and Instagram account could have helped your brand stay relevant to your customers. Having an established online marketing and funneling could have saved the business.

The quarantine season taught a lot of businessmen that it is vital to move forward with technology. It is essential to operate with technology and the internet in order to survive! (And yes, we don’t have to be in one office everyday.) So right now, whether we are still on quarantine or not, let’s prioritize the following online platforms so we can make sure our business survives the next great unknown:

1. An E-commerce Website

If you’re selling actual products, then this is self-explanatory. But if you’re selling service, don’t fret! It’s possible to extend your brand by selling products related to your service. If you’re a salon, you can sell hair and nail products. If you’re a hotel, aside from booking rooms, you can sell hotel-grade bedsheets and pillows, robes, lighting fixtures, room scents, the list goes on!

2. Social Media Following

Invest on great content. Videos with high engagement can earn you money through Facebook and YouTube. No matter what business you are in, there is always a content plan for you. Just be creative!

3. Online Productivity Tools

The most famous ones are Google, Office 365, Skype, Viber and Zoom. Assess your employees’ productivity— do we need them in the office everyday? Or can they be more productive if they work remotely? If you decide on the latter, there are a lot of free and paid productivity tools that will help you monitor work, have online meetings, collaborate on files and more. Who knows, you can probably save on office rent too.

If you’re an SME with none of the three items above, I hope you work on these very soon. Because if not, you will have to learn this the hard way if you haven’t already.

Let’s stay safe, and our businesses too.

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