Doing Social Media the Right Way

A good way to start marketing is using social media. This has more visibility, even to people whom you might know personally but is within your target market. Know what social media platform your market is in, and be there. Here are the most common and highly relevant social media platforms in the Philippines:







You don’t have to be in all platforms, only if it is necessary for your market. Choose the right platforms, produce the right content for it, and be engaging! Brands often forget this, but social media is for socialization, not for posting announcements and ads alone. Don’t make it a bulletin


Instead, utilize social media to connect consistently and engage effectively with your audience.

Check the Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups of some successful brands, movements, or advocacies. There are plenty. Observe how the admins do it. They probably post Q&A’s, motivational content, and highly relevant videos. Look at the comments.

Are people affirming? Do their followers ask questions as well? Is there conversation happening in the posts?

If yes, then this is showing the true purpose of social media—to connect and get social! (Not to sell alone.)

Take notes, and see how you can apply it to your own brand.

I’ll create an e-book specifically for social media marketing. This topic deserves its own exposure. Watch out for this e-book coming soon!

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