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In the past, when ads say that a product is good, customers will believe it. But we’ve now entered an era where we don’t watch ads anymore! Our attention spans have greatly decreased. According to a study in Wikipedia, the average attention span of a human being is now only eight seconds. A TV ad is 30 seconds! So if you don’t get their attention within the first eight seconds, they will switch the channel immediately.

Ads now have an almost unlimited number of channels to be exposed in: social media, YouTube, e-mails, websites, SMS, and a lot more. Unfortunately, the 8-second rule still applies. And worse, viewers now have the option to press skip. Viewers do not want to be disturbed while they’re watching a YouTube video, browsing through their Facebook newsfeed, or checking their e-mails. They can always click the x button on top of the ads, and that’s bye-bye exposure for the brands.

How have the brands adapted to this trend?

They now use influencers, product reviews, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). These are pretty fascinating strategies, but I’m going to focus on influencers and product reviews.

Here are three reasons why product reviewers and influencers are better than you when it comes to promoting your brand:

· They are raw, honest, and sincere. People no longer easily believe what they see on TV, hear on radio, or even some news they read online. Consumers want the truth. So where do they go? Yes, they might skip your ads. But they will be more than willing to listen to real people who have already used your product. They will listen to that person’s experience, feel that person’s feelings, and if your product is deemed good according to the reviewer, they will buy it. Not because of your ad, but because someone actually used it and recommended it.

As I previously mentioned, I’m very much into makeup. I follow makeup brands on Facebook and look at their ads. But before I buy anything, I always check what my favorite beauty vloggers have to say about it. If they like it, I’ll buy it. If not, no matter how glamorous the Facebook ads are, I won’t buy it.

Do they want to talk about you?

· They sincerely interact with your market. Let’s face it. No matter how good we are in responding to our followers online, people know that it’s still our job to talk positively about our brand. Have you ever seen a brand Facebook page say that: “We’re sorry you didn’t like the product. We think it’s overpriced too. You can try our competitor”? Never!

But, influencers who do product reviews can say this with no holds barred. That’s why they’re more credible because they don’t represent any brands. They try lots of products and tell you which ones work and which ones do not. So when you comment on a YouTube vlogger, “Can you recommend this Brand A when it comes to skin whitening?” The vlogger can easily say, “Yes! It worked on me” or “No, you better try Brand B because it works better.”

· Their followers are profiled and targeted. Why put an ad somewhere where you don’t know who is seeing your ad? Makeup enthusiasts automatically follow makeup bloggers/vloggers. Car enthusiasts automatically follow car bloggers. The same goes with other interests like calligraphy, fashion, gadgets, among others.

When you know the profile of your brand’s target market, then talk to the influencer who talks to the same target profile. Make them talk about your product. Ask them for a review. Make sure your product delivers. And watch your sales increase!

Bonus Tip: Sometimes, top influencers may be hard to reach due to demands from various brands. Don’t worry! If you’re a startup business that still has to build a name, make your individual customers your influencers. If you have happy customers, ask them for reviews on your Facebook page or website. They will be more than happy to say nice things about you. This will also build the credibility you need for your first time buyers.

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