Branding 101

I define Branding as Communication. It’s anything you use to communicate to your target market—from the colors you use, your logo, your packaging, down to how your customer service deals with your clients—everything reflects your brand.

How will your brand stand out?

I’d like to introduce you to some marketing terms. First is Product Truth.

Product Truth is what your product can truly deliver. Factual and without sugarcoating.

Next is Consumer Insight. It is what the target market needs, their preference, what they’re looking for.

Put them both together and you get the Big Idea. The Big Idea is your main message. This is the core of your communication to your target market.

For example:

If an organic beauty soap company applies this, their Product Truth can be: “An all-natural soap that will visibly whiten your skin in just 7 days.” Based on research and tests, this is factual and they can actually promise this. This can also be the “I can help you...” statement you wrote from the previous chapter.

The Consumer Insight can be: “I’m looking for a soap that can whiten and brighten my skin, but won’t have harmful effects.”

The Big Idea will now be: “The natural and safe way to whiten your skin in just 7 days.”

These three concepts are very important. What you will consistently communicate to your target market will come from here.

Once you have your Big Idea, focus on it. You only need one Big Idea. The more specific, the better. The more unique it is to you, the better. I’m repeating this word again because it is important. Be unique!

Given the behavior of consumers today, plus the amount of information we are bombarded with on a daily basis, it’s doubly hard to effectively relay your message to your target market. But once you get their attention, what you want is for them to remember you. What you want is recognition and recall.

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