B2B Marketing for 2020

What You Should be Focusing On as a B2B Company?

B2B companies have relied on word of mouth, referrals, and networking for the longest time, and for those who are more digitally advanced, SEO. But the good news is that the online world has offered more new ways for B2B companies to market.

Business owners and marketers just have to embrace it, dive into it, and execute!

Did you know that successful B2B marketers prioritize their customer’s informational needs more than other types of promotion or advertising? Meaning they give valuable content that their market is looking for, and that’s how they connect to their customers.

And this is where the online platforms come in. How do you give the valuable content you have to offer? According to Digital Marketing Philippines, 64% of B2B marketers in the Philippines have increased their audio -visual content to be able to connect to more customers, at the same time increasing use of written digital content and infographics.

And these content are being published on relevant social platforms such as blogs, news sites, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and more.

This 2020 will not be any different. In fact, it might get even more competitive than ever. But despite the ever- growing challenge of standing out in the online world, a good personal branding is a very reliable tool to use, even in B2B marketing. Because online, people want to talk to people.

"People connect with people, not with brands."

So for your B2B marketing plan this year, consider building a personal brand-- thru an influencer, your CEO, your Brand Manager, anyone who can genuinely represent your company but has an appealing personality as well-- then create content that will connect to your customers.

You’ll not only get sales, but build lasting relationships as well.

Thinking of how to boost your marketing this 2020?

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