"It’s a new year and also a new decade! As entrepreneurs and marketers, we tend to research what we can expect in our respective industries and check if we are equipped and ready for what’s ahead."

Let me share with you three trends in digital marketing that can help boost your business in 2020 and beyond.

1. Facebook Creator Studio

Does your company have a Facebook Page? If you do, did you know that you can already monetize your Facebook Page? Before, only YouTube pays content creators thru ads being shown on their videos.

Now, your engaging content can earn thru Facebook too! And what I like about it is the required engagement rate are relatively lower and easier to reach than YouTube’s.

Given that, 2020 is the best time to start maximizing this. Regularly posting engaging videos is key!

2. Dive into LinkedIn and TikTok

I say dive, because these are platforms do not only need regular content, but also regular engagement from you. LinkedIn requires not only posts and articles, but also commenting, liking, sharing, and collaborating with other users.

The good thing about LinkedIn is it has higher organic reach than Facebook (for now). You do not necessarily have to invest in boosting or ads right away. Just connecting and genuine engagement is key. LinkedIn is also best for B2B transactions. Here is a preview of Filipino LinkedIn users:

TikTok is a relatively a newcomer, and it’s not yet among the top social media platforms in the country, but it is getting more and more attention worldwide. It even surpassed the downloads of Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

While majority of TikTok users are in the US and India, it won’t be long until the younger Filipinos switch to this platform, and we better be ready for that!

1. Collaboration Over Competition

People nowadays are all about access, not ownership. That’s why we only stream movies and music now, because there is no more need to own that CD or DVD that will only gather dust in our shelves.

Is it possible that your product or service can be sold via a big online platform like Lazada? Can it be accessed via ride-hailing or booking apps like Grab, GoodWork, or Trivago? This is where we are now, and we don’t need to fight it. We don’t need to compete with other players.

We can better win customers when we collaborate—partner with other companies and serve our customers better.

A Prosperous New Year to all of you!

Thinking of how to boost your marketing this 2020?

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