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Have you said any of these before:

“I’ve been investing time and money on social media but no results.”

“Social media doesn’t work for me.”

“How can I monetize my business’ social media?”

Reality check: There are 73 million internet and social media users in the Philippines alone.

Yet, it is not uncommon for brands, especially the smaller ones, to struggle in their social media presence.

Tell me, wouldn’t it be great if you could finally see results and engagement on your social media pages?

Your audience reacting, commenting, sharing, engaging in your polls, watching your live videos, and buying your products?

Wouldn’t it be great to have a community of SUPER FANS?

That sounds amazing, right? Pull up a seat and let’s chat.

At the early years of my digital marketing practice, I did not know what to do either. I was scrambling for creative content and racking my brain out for ways to grow the pages I was handling.

Until I realized that social media is not meant to be a bulletin board for announcements or a billboard for your ads. It’s meant for socializing. (Yes, that’s why it’s called “social”!) 


Wait, who am I?

Kristine Anne Mutuc - Taton

Certified Digital Marketing Professional

Managing Partner, KMT Marketing Consultancy and Trainings Co.

Top 100 Filipinos to Follow on LinkedIn 2019


I am a marketer by profession, and by heart. I have extensive experience in strategic marketing, product management, events management, and small & medium business (SMB) marketing.


Having worked in the publishing industry for 5 years, I was a marketing consultant for bestselling authors and speakers. I have thousands of sold copies under my management. My experience in events management and telecommunications taught me the grit I carry up to this day.


It’s my passion to mentor sole proprietors, infopreneurs and startups in their branding and marketing journey through consultation sessions and workshops. My consultancy expanded over time and turned into a digital marketing agency, KMT Marketing Consultancy & Trainings Co.

On top of my consultancy and agency work, I was also a lecturer in De La Salle University where I facilitated learner-centered discussions in Principles of Marketing, Computer Applications for Marketing, Public Relations and Print Advertisement, among others.


I earned my Master’s degree in Marketing Communications in De La Salle University last 2014, and a Certified Digital Marketing Professional graduate at the Digital Marketing Institute.

Finally, you'll have content that works!

I’ll be sharing something that will absolutely turn that wish into reality. I compiled everything that has worked on all of my social media clients-- their page likes increased, engagement rates increased, inboxes flooded, website traffic increased for more than a hundred percent!

And it is now the Opportunistic Marketing Social Media Growth Kit.

All my treasured content, now accessible to you so you can plan engaging content effortlessly!

  • 120 days of ideas and captions

  • 30 days of story suggestions

  • A variety of converting, educating, entertaining content and more

  • Easy-to-use Excel templates for digital content planning

  • Two Opportunistic Marketing e-books

  • A BONUS ONE-ON-ONE Zoom session on Digital Marketing During Crisis*


 *For scheduling

This Social Media Growth Kit is guaranteed to save you time, but also guaranteed to save you money.


How much?

The kit includes:

  1. A Content Bank worth P40,000 ($823)

    1. 4 months/ 120 days of content ideas

    2. Converting captions

    3. Educating captions

    4. Entertaining captions

    5. Inspiring captions

    6. 30 story ideas (for every day of a month!)

  2. Blank Templates for Planning and Monitoring worth P3,000 ($62)

    1. Complete Social Media Content Calendar

    2. Target Audience/Persona Builder Template

    3. Digital Content Results Monitoring Template

  3. E-books worth P374 ($8)

    1. Opportunistic Marketing: The New Way of Launching a Brand and Making People Talk About You

    2. 4 Steps to a Powerful Personal Brand

  4. FREE 45-minute Zoom session on Digital Marketing During Crisis worth P10,000 ($206)


All of these in the kit are worth P53,374. ($1,100)

But the Social Media Growth Kit is only for a jaw-dropping price P1,200. ($25)

For $25, you’ll have access to the content we create for corporate clients that pay several thousands.

For $25, you’ll have access to templates that I got from a $2000 online course (SERIOUSLY.)

For $25, you’ll get a social media content plan that just works.


Okay, so you might need some more convincing...

Dr. Vernie Opalla,

President, VER1REV Enterprise

The assistance of KMT in promoting online marketing on a wider scale for VER1REV Enterprise and its product, IONIQUE Minerals, is a great blessing!


Kia Abrera,

CEO, Braveworks Inc.

KMT has helped us immensely get the traction that we needed for our business, enabling us to get our ideal clients and converting them organically.

Dra. Joy Holgado, 

Dra. Joy Pinoy Pedia

They're the one to book if you're looking for a long term partnership.

2000 leads

Our campaigns have gathered this much leads

200% engagement

Highly engaging content produced

over 200k reach

How much people we reach in a campaign

You can have these results too!


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