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OPPORTUNISTIC MARKETING is simply what we call the strategy of KNOWING WHAT YOU WANT for your business, KNOWING YOUR UNIQUE IDENTITY as a brand, and SEEKING AND GETTING THE RIGHT OPPORTUNITIES to tap your customers and grow your business.

About Me

I'm Kristine Mutuc-Taton, the Opportunistic Marketer.

Kristine Anne Mutuc - Taton

Certified Digital Marketing Professional

Managing Partner, KMT Marketing Consultancy and Trainings Co.


I am a marketer by profession, and by heart. I have extensive experience in strategic marketing, product management, events management, and small & medium business (SMB) marketing.


Having worked in the publishing industry for 5 years, I was a marketing consultant for bestselling authors and speakers. I have thousands of sold copies under my management. My experience in events management and telecommunications taught me the grit I carry up to this day.


It’s my passion to mentor sole proprietors, infopreneurs and startups in their branding and marketing journey through consultation sessions and workshops. My consultancy expanded over time and turned into a digital marketing agency, KMT Marketing Consultancy & Trainings Co.

On top of my consultancy and agency work, I was also a lecturer in De La Salle University where I facilitated learner-centered discussions in Principles of Marketing, Computer Applications for Marketing, Public Relations and Print Advertisement, among others.


I earned my Master’s degree in Marketing Communications in De La Salle University last 2014, and a Certified Digital Marketing Professional graduate at the Digital Marketing Institute.


Online Marketing

Social Media Management

Content Strategy & Production



Web Design

E-commerce & SEO

Events & Trainings

Marketing & branding workshops


Creative Direction

Brand Kit

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Essential Marketing ANY start-up business needs--shown in 50-pages.  Amazing! (Opportunistic Marketing E-book)

Bo Sanchez


Kristine is the one who helped me design and grow the Overcomer brand that is helping a lot of people today.

JPaul Hernandez

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Kristine has helped me create a powerful marketing program for my company Unapologetic Dude and Irreverent Inspiration. Furthermore, she is an amazing speaker as well. Her pioneer workshop called Opportunistic Marketing is a breakthrough for young entrepreneurs and businessmen.

Francis Miranda

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If you own a start-up business, or if you are a consultant starting to build your client base, then you would need Kristine's help. She can help you build your brand, develop an effective marketing strategy, and grow your client base in a span of a few months. She's the go-to person if you want to build, grow, and sustain your start-up business.

Karren Renz Seña


Kristine has given so much branding and marketing value on a few of the ventures I do. She is also one of the brains behind Promdipreneur brand which I know will help a lot of probinsyanos and entrepreneurs. If you have a great product or service to offer, you can count on her. She overdelivers!

Allan Asuncion


Kristine is a very powerful Marketer, I've seen her and the company grow together as well as the people around her.

Jap Tarectecan

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